My First Post Back

Hey lovelies, 

With everything going on in the world currently I’ve decided that the best use with all my free time would be to restart my blog. I just want to address that if any of my readers are currently struggling with what’s happening right now I want to just say that I’m hoping that everything turns out better soon. Freshman year of college has been one for the books, and I’m only through one semester. I’ve been to parties, failed a class, made some of my best friends and memories that will last a lifetime in my snapchat memories. Since I’m making a comeback to my blog I’ve decided that I’d talk about some of the things I experienced during my first semester here at Texas State with y’all. I hope y’all enjoy these and know that this is just some experiences that I had and that everyone’s college years will be different. If you do want to see more of my day to day college life y’all should follow me on Instagram here

The first thing people from home always ask me about when talking about college is partying. How could they not? I go to a so-called “party school”. Just know there are parties here every week so you’ll never be bored in San Marcos. I’ve been to a good handful of parties within my first semester at State: frat parties, apartment parties, themed parties, tailgates, clubs and kickbacks. Partying may not be for everyone and I completely understand that, however, I found that going out is an essential part of college and is the most effective way of networking. I’ve met a bunch of people that I would’ve never known if I hadn’t gone out to these parties, including some of my best friends. Overall frat parties are where I usually party at, most schools are different in this sense. At Texas State we have a live Greek life which results in many parties availible, for GIRLS. This is for their parties, bonfires, kickbacks and tailgates usually. They all pretty much follow the no guys allowed rule or the basic “who do you know here?” question. Apartment or house parties are a bit different. I’m not sure how it works in other places but in San Mo we pretty much have a snapchat account that has party addresses during the weekend that get posted onto their story. 

I’m just going to share some pictures from some different parties I went to during my freshman year but I’ll be sharing a nothing post soon about different outfit ideas for different parties and then also dfferent party themes you’ll be dressing up for as well. The thing people always ask me about first are parties whenever I come home so I had to talk about them in my first post back. If y’all are wondering about anything else college related then definitely reach out to me through either my Instagram or just comment on my post and I’ll be happy to answer them in a future blog post. I hope y’all enjoyed a bit of my partying experience so far and I’d really appreciate it if you’d like and share this post with anyone you know who’s in college currently or planning on attending college soon. 

Love Y’all,



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