Freshman Advice

Hey lovelies,

Oh my gosh… I’m finally a SEN19R!!! I’ve been at school for 3 days and somehow it already feels like weeks. I’m so excited though because so far my classes are great and I don’t know if this was already mentioned but I’m a senior (that’s kinda a big deal). With all seriousness I’m finally starting to realize some things that I did freshman year that made my life so much harder than it had to be. So to all the fish out their I’m dedicating this blog post to you! Here are just a few tips and tricks for Freshman Year.

Don’t date the seniors

Guys, gals, I don’t think I can stress this enough. DON’T. DATE. THE. SENIORS. As freshman you look up to the seniors and think they are amazing, kind, smart people who can do no wrong. We do wrong… we do very very wrong. Seniors are here with you for ONE year, they’re going to grow up and graduate and sadly probably breakup with you. Just think for a second, college, college parties, college friends verse highschool girlfriend of boyfriend… pick your poison freshman.

Try in school

My freshman year I completely took advantage of the fact that it was pretty easy. I got average grades and now that everything is harder my GPA is lower because I didn’t use freshman year to get ahead. Don’t take this as a, “don’t have a social life, just study,” thing because it’s for sure not. All that I’m saying is that high school gets harder, crazy I know, and to make up for all of those classes you aren’t going to do well in put in just a little more effort now.

Got involved

If this means you join clubs, athletics or simply go cheer on your school at events, get involved. I would not have known half the people I’m friends with now if I never joined band or DECA. Building relationships in high school are the best way to go! Plus guys pro tip, colleges really like to see students that are involved in activities outside of just school work.

Don’t overdress

When a senior looks into the hallway we can spot the freshman, look for the one that’s wearing the most dressed up outfit. I’m not telling you what not to wear, just dress comfortably. Remember, high school is still school, not a fashion show.

I hope y’all liked these tips, please know I’m not telling you what to do and all of this is just based on my opinions and you should all do what makes you feel most comfortable and confident for freshman year. If y’all have any additional tips or questions leave them in the comments below.

Love Y’all,


Senior Year Bucket List

Hey lovelies,

Back to School Session begins, the time when all YouTubers go back to school shopping for their new post. Of course I have to hop onto the trend and so welcome to my first back to school post! In case y’all didn’t know, I’m a S E N I O R!!!!!!! For those of you out of high school y’all know that you go all out senior year cause in most cases it’s your last chance to be a child and to see most of the people at your school again. As excited as I am to graduate and continue growing in college I’m going to leave the people who I’ve become closest to and to prepare to my grand exit from high school I’ve compiled my list to things to do before I graduate.

1. Take a million pictures

My camera roll better be full by the end of this year. Like I better get the out of storage notification all the time at the end of the year (but not any sooner cause I need that storage duh…). I think everyone deserves a chance to reflect over your life, that’s partially why I decided to have a blog in the first place and I think the best way to reflect over your life is with some physical memories (like y’all can prolly see where this is going but pictures are my favorite way to keep memories).

2. Forgive and Forget

As a high schooler you have beef with at least one other person. Going through high school and finally becoming a senior I’ve seen the effects that drama had in my life, I had many low points because of them. Starting senior year I decided to forgive and forget, these people that I had problems with should have never had as big of an influence on my life and the decisions I made. For anyone who I’ve ever wronged and for anyone that I have ever had drama with, I’m sorry and I would love nothing more than to get to know you better.

3. Be my School

Freshman year I had literally no school spirit, this year will be different. Every theme day I’m gonna dress up for, every football game I’ll scream my lungs off (I mean I’m in band so I did anyways but gotta include it), every chance I get I’m ready to tell the world I’m a senior at my high school. This is the last year for you and the group of peer you grew up with to all wear the same colors and cheer for the same team.

4. Last Everything

Speaking off your last chance, I’m going to my last of everything. My last Friday Night Lights, my lat Homecoming, my last final, my last prom, my last band rehearsal. When you’re a senior you automatically think of all the last chances you get. I began realizing this near the beginning of summer this year and at first it scared me cause everything was moving too fast for my liking. I began coping with this as soon as I started letting myself know that the year is going to come and go no matter what so the only thing I can do is make the most of each moment.

5. Family

When you’re in high school you tend to forget about your family and pay attention to only your friends. Your friends are important and you want to make your time together last, but if you’re anything like me then at one point you will forget that it’s not only your friends losing you when you go to college but your family is too. Even if you go to a school 10 minutes away, your family is losing time with you. That’s why I’m spending this year very focused on my family and spending time with them.

I hope I made sense during that, but to be completely honest I got really emotional halfway thru writing this because the year is coming really fast and that means the end of the year is following as well. I hope you guys like going through my senior year with me. I’m super excited to see what happens and how this year goes, wish me luck!

Love Y’all,


Baby Pictures

Hey lovelies,

I hope you liked yesterday’s post about 7 places I’d love to go with my bae around the world. I’m so excited to be on day 2 of Blogmas in July and I thought the best way of celebrating it was to connect with y’all some more. So here I have 6 baby pictures of me that I thought would just be funny to show.

Hope y’all had a good laugh outta these cause some of them are not so cute. I really think that this brought this family of bloggers closer together.

Love Y’all,


7 Months Later…

Hey lovelies,

I’m so excited to say this is the first post to Blogmas in July!!!!! I’ve been working on this for about a month prior to this and I wanna say, it feels great to finally be posting this. Since my theme for Sundays are relationships I decided to announce that my boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months today! To recognize this occasion I’m going to be sharing 7 places around the world that I would wanna go with my bae.

1. Tokyo Disney Resort

There’s something truly amazing about how romantic Disney can be, I mean it’s the place of your childhood. The Tokyo Disney Resort just sounds amazing because romantic Disney mixed with being in Tokyo must lead to one romantic trip with your boo.

2. Paris

Paris may be overrated to some people but it’ll always be the city of love. Whether you like or not seeing all the art and culture you’ll be falling in love all over again.

3. The Great Barrier Reef

Snorkeling, that’s all I have to say. Think of how cute your couple pictures will be when they’re underwater or of you jumping off a cliff into the water.

4. Bora Bora

You can get married underwater, swimming pigs, sleeping in over the water bungalows, if Bora Bora isn’t all you could ask of a romantic location with bae then I don’t know what is.

5. Rome

When in Rome. There is so much you could do there, like honestly visiting historical landmarks, Vatican City, floating down the river in a gondola and best of all Italian food is romantic as heck.

6. Barcelona

Probably one the most aesthetically pleasing city on this list. Being known for its art and architecture Barcelona would be a dream for any couple looking for a fun trip together.

7. Dubai

Shopping in luxurious malls, visiting a skyscraper or exploring nightlife. I love how gorgeous this city is and how fun it would be to go with your best friend

I’ll visit them one day and I’ll be sure to let y’all know when that’ll happen, but for right now I’m gonna be here doing Blogmas in July with y’all!

Love Y’all,


Summer Blogmas!?!

Hey lovelies,

Since I’ve been so inconsistent with posting lately I thought that the only way I could make it up was with a month of blog post. So starting July 1st, I will be posting everyday until the end of the month. Since the last time I did this was in December there was already a name for it, blogmas, so being super creative and all my month of blog post will be called… Blogmas In July!!!!

I hope y’all like what I’m doing and I’ve been working really hard on this so I hope you enjoy this month. Let me know what you think of Christmas in July.

Love Y’all,

Vivian Nguyen

Junior Prom 2018 💖

Hey lovelies, 

I truly apologize for not posting over the past 2 months, being my junior year of high school (the hardest academic year of my life), I decided for my own mental health and many more factors that I would just like to focus on school. I missed writing on my blog so much but I’m glad that I gave myself a break. 

Of course my big comeback to my blog had to be huge, so today I’ll be sharing with y’all my prom pictures. If y’all wanna see more of my prom adventures head over to my Instagram @vvhnguyen where I’ll be posting when my prom grwm will be posted. 

I had so much fun and I’m so glad I had a great group to go with.

Love y’all,

Vivian Nguyen 


Hey lovelies,

If y’all have been reading my blog for a while then y’all would’ve known that I was able to work together with ThredUP. They’re an amazing second hand store that sells clothes at a discounted rate. Well today I’m working with their store located at the Domain in Austin, TX. They’re absolutely amazing and so sweet, also the store is soooooo cute! If you’re in Austin I definitely say that you should check it out. Today I’m gonna be putting an outfit together for under $30, #thredUPunder30. So a couple weeks ago I went out to their store with my boyfriend to build an outfit so here they are. 

Top: $5.00

Bottoms: $1.00

Necklace: $11.99

I hope y’all enjoyed this post and the outfit I put together. I absolutely love this outfit and if you wanna see more ThredUP outfits check out my Instagram cause no doubt I’m coming back. 

Love Y’all,

Vivian Nguyen

Spring Break Beach Life Hacks

Hey lovelies,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and honesty I don’t have a good explanation other than just tell y’all I had writers block. It was a hard week trying to figure out something creative and fun to post on this site. So instead I’m gonna show y’all the reason I started getting into social media, for travel life hacks. With spring break coming up I thought I’d do some creative ones for y’all. If y’all wanna see what I end up doing for spring break go follow my Instagram, @vvhnguyen, to see.

Aloe Vera-less sunburn 

If you have a sunburn and you don’t have an aloe vera to help relieve it, use some plain yogurt instead. 

Sand hands

To easily get sand off your body keep some baby powder around either in your car or in your beach bag

Lighten your hair 

Wanna lighten your hair without dying it? Squeeze some lemon juice into your hair and sit outside in the sun for a couple hours. 

Here are some beach spring break life hacks I hope y’all have an amazing spring break and I can’t wait to share my next post with y’all. 

Love Y’all,


Valentine’s Day Makeup & OOTD

Hey lovelies, 

First off I just wanna start with hi if you’re new to my blog, I’m Vivian and I’d love if you’d click that follow button cause then you can see more of me. Since Valentine’s coming up I thought I’d show y’all my v-day makeup and outfit idea for a night out. If you wanna see what my Valentine’s plans are then go follow my Instagram @vvhnguyen

Here are some pictures I took from the outfit and makeup I did for Valentine’s Day inspiration for y’all. 

I hope y’all have the best Valentine’s day and I hope y’all like this outfit and makeup look!! 

Love Y’all,


Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Hey lovelies, 

Love is in the air!!!! I hope your love life is going absolutely amazing and if it’s not I hope it gets better. My love I’ve this year is going amazing so I have a Valentine this year and because of that I thought I’d be festive and do a Valentine’s Day Date ideas post. If you wanna see which date my boyfriend and I choose to do this year follow my Instagram cause I’ll be posting something for it for sure! 

Take a dancing class

I wanna do this so badly, it’ll be so cute and fun!! Like imagine taking a dancing class with your bae for V-Day. I want to either take a hip hop class or something that he’ll enjoy as well.

Shop and cook together

How adorable would it be to go to the grocery store together, buy food and come home to make it with your boo??? Answer, very!! I always see couples when I go grocery shopping and I am just obsessed!!!! They’re sooooooo cute!!!! 

Take a roadtrip

Spend a day together get in the car and just drive. Drive to a city close by and explore or plan out a hike to go on with about a hour drive. You’ll make so many great and special memories with your partner in crime.

Cross things off your bucket list

Don’t tell me that you don’t have couples bucket list, just crunch in all the things you can on your special day. Go do all the activities you wanna do together, take a roadtrip while singing along to your favorite songs and camp out under the stars while cuddling in the fort you made and just fall in love all over again.

I hope these ideas help you guys out, I don’t know what I’m gonna end up doing for Valentines so definitely follow my Instagram and add me on Snapchat both at @vvhnguyen. So this post was written for people who have valentines, but if you don’t that’s still great and I hope you have an amazing day and you guys can count me as your Valentine. 

Love Y’all,