Valentine’s Day Makeup & OOTD

Hey lovelies, 

First off I just wanna start with hi if you’re new to my blog, I’m Vivian and I’d love if you’d click that follow button cause then you can see more of me. Since Valentine’s coming up I thought I’d show y’all my v-day makeup and outfit idea for a night out. If you wanna see what my Valentine’s plans are then go follow my Instagram @vvhnguyen

Here are some pictures I took from the outfit and makeup I did for Valentine’s Day inspiration for y’all. 

I hope y’all have the best Valentine’s day and I hope y’all like this outfit and makeup look!! 

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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Hey lovelies, 

Love is in the air!!!! I hope your love life is going absolutely amazing and if it’s not I hope it gets better. My love I’ve this year is going amazing so I have a Valentine this year and because of that I thought I’d be festive and do a Valentine’s Day Date ideas post. If you wanna see which date my boyfriend and I choose to do this year follow my Instagram cause I’ll be posting something for it for sure! 

Take a dancing class

I wanna do this so badly, it’ll be so cute and fun!! Like imagine taking a dancing class with your bae for V-Day. I want to either take a hip hop class or something that he’ll enjoy as well.

Shop and cook together

How adorable would it be to go to the grocery store together, buy food and come home to make it with your boo??? Answer, very!! I always see couples when I go grocery shopping and I am just obsessed!!!! They’re sooooooo cute!!!! 

Take a roadtrip

Spend a day together get in the car and just drive. Drive to a city close by and explore or plan out a hike to go on with about a hour drive. You’ll make so many great and special memories with your partner in crime.

Cross things off your bucket list

Don’t tell me that you don’t have couples bucket list, just crunch in all the things you can on your special day. Go do all the activities you wanna do together, take a roadtrip while singing along to your favorite songs and camp out under the stars while cuddling in the fort you made and just fall in love all over again.

I hope these ideas help you guys out, I don’t know what I’m gonna end up doing for Valentines so definitely follow my Instagram and add me on Snapchat both at @vvhnguyen. So this post was written for people who have valentines, but if you don’t that’s still great and I hope you have an amazing day and you guys can count me as your Valentine. 

Love Y’all,


ThredUP Haul

Hey lovelies,

Today I’m partnering with ThredUP, if you’ve never heard of this company it’s absolutely amazing! ThredUp sells second hand clothing at a lower, more affordable price. Not only can you buy clothes but you can also sell or donate those clothing items that don’t fit or that you don’t like anymore. I thought that I’d give y’all a little haul of what I got from their store. If y’all want to get stuff as well I have a promo code: WHNGUYEN. This code gives 50% off all first time orders up to $50 and last until the end of March 2018. They are an amazing brand and I’m so excited to be working with them to bring this to y’all, here’s what I got!!

If y’all want to find some similar clothes on ThredUP to what I got, here are some links that I hope y’all will like. (urban outfitters brand) (gap) (American eagle brand) (dresses) (mini skirts) (casual pants) (swimwear) (inspiration for vacation outfits) 

I love ThredUP and will definitely be ordering more off their site soon, I hope y’all do too!!! 

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Hey lovelies, 

So this past weekend I was able to go to this district competition for my club DECA. It’s a business club where you either do projects and present, or you can do a role play. There’s so much more that you can do in this club and it would take me way too long to explain it all so I’ll leave the link to their site here for you if you’re interested. 

I thought I’d just share some pictures from this event, so I hope y’all enjoy. 

I hope y’all liked this post and make sure to give my blog a follow because my next post is gonna be so exciting and amazing!!! I’m so excited for it!! 

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My Favorite Things to Watch

Hey lovelies,

It has been way too long since I last talked to y’all, 100% my fault. After the new year started I was swamped with starting school again and I was honestly a bit overwhelmed with it all. I thought today’s post would be a post just telling you guys my favorite things to watch: on TV, on Netflix, on Youtube, everything is fair game. So with that being said here are my top 7 favorite things to watch.

Prom GRWM vlogs

I honestly don’t know if it’s just close-ish to prom season or what, but I’ve been obsessed with watching these! I kinda wanna make a video like that for my prom this year so if you’re reading this leave a comment telling me if I should film a prom vlog. Anyways they are just so satisfying to watch and gives me a bunch of prom ideas. 

Couple Vlogs

I can’t ever get over how cute couples are when they vlog together. A few of my favorites are Aspyn and Parker, Sierra and Alex, Jack and Gab, and Karlee Steele and Conner Bobay. 

Baby Daddy

If y’all have never watched this on Netflix you have to, it’s so funny and relatable. I’ve probably watched this show back and forth and know all the events way too well. I recommend it to literally anyone, usually I’ll either watch it alone, with my friends, or my family. 


OMG if y’all have never watched this, where have you been??? I absolutely love this show, my favorite ever!! You can find me watching this all the time, it’s my biggest obsession ever. 


Call my basic but this show is so good! The overall storyline of this show is so carefully thought out and don’t even get my started on their cast. Most attractive cast ever. 

Gossip Girl

I love this so much! It’s such a. Good show if you want to know some drama and want to feel a bit fancy for the day, aka me everyday. 

Better Late Than Never

My family and I have a really weird obsession with this show. Like it’s an issue, we started this last year during their first season in Asia and now they’re in Europe. This show is so funny and a great show to bond over with my family. 

So I want y’all to go in the comments and answer 2 things, should I do a prom vlog and what’s your favorite thing to watch? I’d love to read your responses. I want to apologize one more time for taking so long to post but I promise I will be uploading a lot more, I’d love for you to give my blog a follow to know when I post. If you do want to see more of me then go and follow my Instagram to keep updated with my life. 

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Reflecting over 2017. 

Hey lovelies,

I’m hoping that y’all are all having an amazing start to 2018!! My boyfriend actually inspired this post today, I decided that I was going to go through my year and talk about my most remembered memories from each month of 2017.

This past year has been a bit of a rough one for me, failing classes in school and hard breakups, however I also got some amazing things out of 2017, my amazing boyfriend, my friends and of course some good memories. 

January 2017

This one might be the easiest one, I got to march in the 2017 Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA. On January 2nd my school’s marching band performed in this 5 mile parade! It was definitely a great start to the year!!!!

February 2017

I actually had such a hard time finding a memory from this month. It was all kinda a blur, however I did have a great time at my Vietnamese New Year celebration. I actually invited my boyfriend at the time to come out to my church for the celebration and come back to my grandparents house to meet my family. Overall it was really fun!

March 2017

Spring Broke, yup that’s what it was! My family took the most random trip to Little Rock, AR. Surprisingly though it turned into a great family bonding trip and one of my favorite memories from 2017!!!

April 2017

So my last couple of memories were really great, happy memories, April was a little different. When I think about this month it’s hard to remember about Easter and all the happy celebrations around me. My most remembered memory from the month was my breakup. My boyfriend at the time and I had a really rough breakup and it basically took the entire month to recover from it for me. 

May 2017

Back to happy memories, my band banquet! I had such an amazing time with my friends at this banquet. I got to dress up, look my best, do my hair and almost make it there late! It was an amazing night with my best friends!!!

June 2017

This month was basically my recovery month from school, I sat around doing literally nothing all day. The highlight of my month was probably my mom, my little sister and I writing letters to my brother and dad when they were at my brother’s Boy Scout camp. It really was a girls night!!!

July 2017

My annual summer vacation! In 2017 we decided on a huge trip, it was 2 weeks long and consisted of going from the northern-est parts of the US to the bottom of Canada. Driving around there making a loop and coming back to the US. (If you want me to do a whole reflection post over my 2017 summer vacation tell me because it’s way too long to explain it all.) It was soooooo fun and by far the best part of my summer

August 2017

Band Camp. Yeah that’s all I’m gonna say.

September 2017

HOCO 2017, shoutout to my squad!!!!! 

October 2017

Ok so not to sound self absorbed but my favorite memory from this month was my birthday party. It was so fun and if you’re reading this right now and you came to that party thank you so much!!!!

November 2017

Going hiking with my family at lost maples was the highlight of the month. It was fun, exciting, and I took a hella lotta Insta worthy pictures!!! Y’all should definitely follow me to see them on my insta @vvhnguyen (Shameless self promo). 

December 2017

So I actually have 2 amazing memories from this month, first my boyfriend asked me out and I’m genuinely so happy to be in a relationship with him. And second, I did Blogmas and low key succeeded! Definitely check out my Blogmas post if you haven’t seen them yet!!!!

That right there was my year, I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that next year I’ll post another post like this on this blog again!!!! 

Love Y’all,

-Vivian Nguyen

Mini Haul in Arizona 

Hey lovelies, 

New year same me, I thought today since I’m on winter vacation I’d treat myself a bit to some belated “Christmas gifts”. I just wanna say again that I’m in no way trying to brag about the things I bought myself and I do realize that I’m very fortunate to be able to buy them. With all of that being said I only bought 2 new things today for myself so let do our mini haul!!!!

I’m hoping that y’all enjoyed that, I love shopping obviously but I also love showing y’all what I purchased. I also have another shopping trip some with my extended family so we’ll see if that leads up to another haul soon so make sure to follow my blog to keep updated.

Love Y’all,

-Vivian Nguyen

New Years Resolutions 2018

Hey lovelies,

First off Happy New Years to all of y’all!!!!!! I’m for sure hoping for the best in 2018, this year I decided that I’m setting realistic goals and resolutions for the new year. I thought I’d just share with you some of the New Years Resolutions I have for 2018, new year, new me. 

Be happy with the decisions I make

Basically smile more, I made mistakes last year that turned into more mistake because of how I treated the decisions I made. I have to be proud of what I do and be happy with decisions I make and why I made them. 

Stay active

Whether it’s running every other day or pumping some iron at the gym, I need to have something that keeps me healthy and happy. This year I’m determined to find whatever it is that keeps me motivated to stay fit.

Relationships matter

My family, my friends, my boyfriend, all of these relationships matter and need to be kept and made stronger. I’m so happy and fortunate to have all of these relationships and this year I’m determined to strengthen them. 

I thought I’d find some more Resolutions List online and post them here as well so that y’al have some more New Years inspiration!!!

Over the past year I’ve learnt so many things that’ll help my 2018 be amazing. I have some amazing post planned for 2018 and I hope that y’all will follow my blog and keep updated with me!!!

Love Y’all,

-Vivian Nguyen

Winter Break Trip Packing List 2017

Hey lovelies,

Now that Christmas has ended that mean my family’s annual road trip to visit my dad’s side of the family begins. This year we’ll be driving to Phoenix, Arizona to spend the New Years at my aunt and uncle’s house. This means that I have start packing soon, and I thought I’d show y’all my packing list for this year. 

So on Saturday I’m leaving on my trip and so I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure to follow me on my blog if you want to keep up to date with my New Years plan and post. 

Love Y’all,

-Vivian Nguyen

BLOGmas Day 25: What I got for Christmas!!!

Hey lovelies,

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! OMG we got through Blogmas 2017, this has been such a rewarding and eye opening experience. It’s taught me to pre plan and to stay organized. I will definitely be continuing this yearly and look forwards to doing so! Today I thought I’d do a what I got for Christmas haul cause I’ve seen this all over YouTube and I wanted to bring that into my blog. Please know that I am in no way trying to brag about the gifts I received, I know I’m very fortunate to get all of this and I’m so so so grateful for them. 

From my Boyfriend

So I posted something a while back when my boyfriend and I exchanged gifts. Click on this link and it’ll take you back to that. (Shameless self promo) In that post I showed y’all what I gave him for Christmas and so this is what he got for me. First off can we talk about this bag, it’s cute af. He also gave me some chocolates and these from Bath and Body Works, and they smell soooo good! Thank you babe, best boyfriend ever!!!!

From my Friends

They gave me so much thank you to all of y’all!!! As y’all can see I got these really cute makeup brushes and these PJ bottoms with polar bears on it, thanks Sarah!!!! I got this cute af picture frame with a picture of me and my wifey Kenzie, thanks band babe!!! My friend Alice gave me this really nice smelling body shop kit thing that’s mango scented, thanks Alice!!! Ok I don’t even wanna show y’all what I got from Natalia but she gave me a cute necklace and a thong, yup it wasn’t a typo, a thong. With this cute note that I will have a picture of, thanks babe funniest gift ever!!! I also got this nice ass highlighter and a pair of fuzzy socks, thanks Tiffany!!! 

From my Family

Everyone in my family gave me such nice stuff that I absolutely love, I’m so thankful for both my extended and immediate family for giving me these presents!!! I got this gorgeous Michael Kors wristlet and this beautiful Michael Kors gold dress. I also received this Lancôme Paris Hypnose Drama Mascara Set which I loveeeee!! I also got gorgeous clutch that I’ll definitely have to wear soon. I also got this cinema light box message board and a cute pair of USA socks that’ll come in handy!!!

Thank you to everyone who gave me gifts this year and thank you to everyone that has tuned in and read my post this blogmas. My next post will be a reflection over Blogmas and how my experience was so stay tuned in for that an make sure to follow my blog to get a notification what I post that.  I love each and every one of y’all and I hope you have the BEST Christmas Day ever!!!! 

Love Y’all 

-Vivian Nguyen